nom) "i hate my voice" 051104
emmi apparently my answerphone message sounds doleful

hi this is emmi, please leave me a message
nom that's what mine says,...
well except for "emmi"

my mom said i sound robotic
stork daddy you have a brilliant voice. 051204
emmi the guy who said i sound doleful, also said i might want to re-record in order to not give the wrong impression.
i resent him.

i recorded it when i was sick and i think my nasal voice is sexy. so there.
nom i still "have problems with my voice". still have the same message. i find the thought of trying to record a new one daunting. and i find it difficult calling and trying to leave messages for other people. 070112
nom i just generally find things difficult. 070112
nom actually mine says
please leave a message
not me a message
what's it to you?
who go