For sure! I can't seem to vacate my chair! I'm stuck! Stuck......FOREVER! FOREVER typing in my chair! ON THIS SITE! 000712
unhinged you can't smoke anywhere inside there. we had been drinking and smoking all day and my empty stomach had finally caught up with me. we walked across the street to one of her favorite restaurants. i kept looking around for an ashtray. then she reminded me that we couldn't smoke inside. i was in that precarious mental and physical state where eating in public could only be embarassing at best. i shredded my straw wrapper between my nervous fingers as we talked and waited for the food. i could only eat half the sandwich. scooping up my applesauce became a chore. i looked at her across the table with a vague twinkle in my eye, 'we need to vacate this place. vacate. vacate now.' 050927
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