farmfish here i am, if you've been looking for me, hidden under such cold flat stones, a crayfish with sharp claws.

i can't hear you with this rapid flow of water.
i can't see you with the sediment swirling.

as you step on all i've done for you.
Emptyness Alive do we live 060518
Sefram_Verispot You think we do not? 060518
Emptyness Alive under such cold flat stones do we live.
with the sankes the beetle the bugs.
our aim
to be ontop the stone
or below it
epitome of incomprehensibility ...And what will happen if someone flips those stones over? 060519
Emptyness Alive were screwed 060612
superleni under such cold flat stones:
cold and flat, i dream
of black surfaces,
cold wet air,
and drips from roof of the cave
hitting clear water
and singing clear notes,
in a voice that ripples and waves.
what's it to you?
who go