soulesswanderer Am i truely that transparent? No-one used to be able to see through me, but now to many people can. Even people I've only talked to once or twice. People are begining to see through my lies, and thats not good. So, I'm going away. I'm going from transparent, to invisible. Have a nice life. I'm sure you won't miss me. 040623
puredream *miss you* 040623
SoulsDreamToo I miss you already ;) 040714
Borealis transparent..
like butterfly wings..
or pieces of plastic wrap stretched over clothes hangers.
dirty windows
dirty windows facing onto a dusty alley
dirty windows facing onto a dusty alley whilst beams of a day's fading light dance on the cracked wooden floor of the dusty abandoned building.
gaping windows
gaping windows like missing teeth from some great beast..some boarded up haphazardly, others sealed over with that whitish dusty plastic that always litters construction sites.
not so transparent.

your eyes...are transparent...just like your motives
hsg see_through 090704
unhinged i say what i mean
i mean what i say

you will know when i'm pissed
what's it to you?
who go