tonya keeps the chowder from slipping away 040428
white_wave i know little of monkeys, but I find it hard to believe you aren't paste! 040428
Irreverent Lovejoy tonya is not paste!
but paste! is not not tonya, nor is he tonya

modus ponens for the bicameral horfle

there are many citizens_of_scahu and many gods but only one god

i'm going to any art opening that has two kegs of pabst and bacon_grr and/or bacon_near_engine

white_wave i know that tonya is not paste! because i_got_a_cat_named_tonya - the "i" being a mad bird. the kitty was having a paste! moment, it seems. 040429
not tanya outside of blather, the bird has a cat named tonya

inside blather, the birdmad_is_also a cat named tonya
minnesota_chris oh I'm thinking about your axe wound, thinking about your flange...

doo doo da da doo...
what's it to you?
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