spider from mars expanding 020929
in the basement 020929
of my soul 020929
spider with string spiderwebs_expanding_in_the_basement_of_my_soul 020929
djane You canít hide from the past

No matter how hard you try

History books with dusty covers

Crawl from underneath the bed

I thought time would kill the spider

But sheís still lurking in her web

Waiting for a lover to eat for supper

Moths flutter, eating holes around the knots

that you cause in my stomach.
B.liar "WMD" around_and_across Human_Spaces 051011
kid The light above the dam
A myriad of webs
A company of spiders with primo real estate
Empty spindle is tough to find
Those guys must party every night
kid andre feck, twas me!
sabotaged by a mistimed enter!
what's it to you?
who go