psyki Happines is chasin some sqruirrells in the Foresst.
happines is nestlingsnugly in the damp Room.
happines is blinkin lihgts thatfry your Eyes.
happines is lotsa frogs chirpin lik Birds.
happines is growin a big pumkin tree in your Garden.
happines is eatin the pikkle that felloff yer Sandwich.
Happines is takin a long wok in tha Park.
Happines is thinkin about what yer gonna eat tommorrow.
happines is wearin some fuzzzy green sox.
Happines is dyin and then realizin it wuz onlya dreem.
happines is brushin yer teeth befoor ya goto bed.
Happines is turnin on the brite tvset in the morrning.
tourist a snowflake is a glass poem
crystaline song
about the dust speck
that it was formed around
the waters tribute
to the potential it was given
sarpedon A snowflake here
A few over there
A sightly misty
Vision see

Shining glory
Collection be
Not one be seen
Yet all be free
birdmad it rarely ever snows here

twice in the last ten years

the kind that mostly melts when it hits the ground

it rarely ever snows here

but sometimes it is cold
god antigropelos keep my socks and slacks dry 011102
blackie concrete 020303
what's it to you?
who go