drew i wonder how many of their songs i've just been reading here... 991112
reviuquer R for residents
their kiss_of_flesh
their hard and tenderly
their confuded by what i felt inside
their pain and pleasure
all of their god in three persons
not surprisingly A. E. C. Flynn of the
Cryptic Corporation thinks god in three
persons would make a great movie
lokkust When Christopher Walken told a small gathering of farmers in Utah, "Residents of earth, I salute you,"... 030510
User24 I do love Christopher Walken very much, I have a recording of him reading Edgar Allen Poe's the Raven. tis v. cool. 030622
dirty centaur "Closed on Account of Rabies"

and the man still won't give me a job
god all the leaves are off of the oak, and all the sheep have followed the spoken word, i'm coming constantinople, here i come. 040928
() duck stab! 040928
what's it to you?
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