monee the red television screen says

snow storm
to change plans

pineapple express
i'm transported to mr. johnson's class

pineapple express
the weather lady says
expect the weather to change plans
it's gonna snow lots
monee and rain rain rain 041210
missionary I really like saying "Pineapple Express".

First, I heard the weatherman say it. Then I read your post, monee. And that did it...

Pineapple Express was assimilated into my vernacular.

I've said it in 3 or 4 conversations over the past week.

This phrase is like linguistic salt; Transforming the molecular structure of dialogues. It turns small talk into a conversation.

Just thought you should know.
monee that's cool, thanks.

i like the EXPRESSion too.
missionary It's like alomst like summer temperatures here in the Pacific_Northwest. 050205
.nom it's very odd. 050205
nom pineapple express 061107
nom "remnants of Typhoon Cimaron" 061107
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