epikrato I am a painter of light. 020401
Casey I can take a moment and capture it forever, it then becomes a fond memory. 020401
bespeckled will you paint me? 020828
epikrato I would paint you till my hands turned to soot and fell apart around my camera. 021214
i think you meant easel 021214
or maybe you didn't 021214
jane people ask me for pictures of myself
and i have to tell them that i'm the one behind the camera
niska there's a photographer in my brain, taking pictures - little snapshots of moments in time with no indication of when. i spread them about, all over the floor, to put them in some sort of chronological order, but i don't know where they belong.

this would be a lot easier if i had told the you to take a night off. i'd much rather have no pictures to sort through, than the ones i'm looking at right now.
what's it to you?
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