Strideo what did you do to become so unwelcome?

did you burn down a house?
lay with another's wife?
call someone a louse?
take the dog's life?

did you push too much green eggs and ham?
wreck a friend's car?
sheer the wrong lamb?
took a joke too far?

did you join an evil cult?
borrow without asking?
lead a revolt?
paint without masking?

did you steal the TV?
run with the scissors?
spread your TB?
cause too many tremors?

maybe it's time we say "welcome back".
sometimes the unwelcome can rejoin the pack

just behave from now on
and don't you dare mess with my lawn!
Doar what if I said I did all that and more?

would it become you to cut me to the core?

and as others realize my true pulse

could you bandage the unwelcome high dose?

what's it to you?
who go