[.:..The SeeR ..:.] (ôrguh-nizd)

1. Functioning within a formal structure, as in the coordination and direction of activities.

2. Affiliated in an organization, especially a union.

3. Efficient and methodical.
june did you ring?

i know that it's u and u know i'm not telling u anything about it

since u r soooo smart
megan do you ever feel like you're tilting when you're sitting in a chair looking at something after you've had a good cry
it kind of feels like your head is moving around your body, around your arm, under your feet, swimming back up to your neck

i really feel like i'm tilting. please someone agree with me
Observation Deck Megan, if I may speak frankly, it sounds to me like you are simply *way* too organized. 061019
what's it to you?
who go