silentbob things sound pretty fucked up in the netherlands right now.

a leading politician in an upcoming election was shot to death after a radio interview. he was leading an openly gay lifestyle. he was antiimmigration and called it a mess, and got a lot of popularity among a huge port town known for its immigration. protesters threw cream pies in his face before he expresed his safety. the cream pies had urine in them. in past interviews he has attacked the muslim religion and called it a backwards lifestyle.

i dont know. i just don't know.
hogswatchnight i happen to live in that large port town know for its immigrants. its not that bad. i can see his point though. there are ALOT of non-dutch people here. and yeah, they do cause trouble. but i dont think his idea of only letting in immigrants from the eu would have helped much. probably would have made things worse.
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