Philosophistry aged, but still retaining childlike qualities. 040307
someone Good god, I've never even heard this word before, but if I were to be described in one word, this would be it.. 040622
myriadmoods According to the Random House College Dictionary, Neotenous means: there is no meaning; but this writer can guess that neo means="NEW", and tenuous surely must mean difficult? Make me a fool you blatherers!!!!!!!! 050409
minnesota_chris but you've already done such a good job making yourself a fool!

Tenuous (did you notice that tenuous isn't in neotenous? There's a U missing!) tenuous means stretched thin or flimsy. A tenuous existence means that it's flimsy, stretched thin, lacking strength, living day by day.

Neoteny is when an adult looks/acts juvenile, or a juvenile form animal is sexually mature. Kinda like some kids I know.

It's used to describe amphibians and insects a lot.

You write a lot, but do you really look at what you write? It seems so sloppy and thoughtless.
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