MollyGoLightly pamela anderson's not so bad now that i think about it.

she looks artificial. like a comic book character. i like that.
birdmad i liked her better before she became a cartoon 000704
silentbob this shouldnt be about PAM! this should be about Perfect Blue! and Ghost in the Shell! and the fuckin....Ninja scroll man! ninja scroll!! 000716
Nine Volt Jesus Wicked City

the Anime version and the live-action Hong-Kong version
silentbob ninja scroll is good
hopefully i will blather about that sometime
Raina Jubay,
one of my favorite warriors.
So glad I borrowed this and decided not to give it back.
My very favorite.

IMO, the live version of Wicked City sucked donkey dick.
but I think that's because I saw the anime first.
Hashibosogerasu i wasn't sure which i was going to see when i tuned it in late one night...saw the live action version first and i was sooo drunk i couldn't help but like it...

i'll agree that it pales in comparison to the anime version though.
methinx 021115
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