klairchen are in the veil of all these waking dreams, apparently... 070522
Abbie I used to hide in the lilac bushes at my aunt's house... so big, and so fragrant 080304
. I had sex with a lilac bush. I shoved my nose right up in its flowers, and as a result, it came all over my right nostril. I didn't personally get off, but I did what I could to please the bush. 080305
Arwyn little in life is better than a warm summer night with a lilac bush next to your open window... the scent wafting in with the gentle breezes... god, will winter ever end? 080305
angie Lilacs are one of my favorite things about late spring/early summer.
You hit it right on about the nighttime...and the really is intoxicating! I miss it so!!!
unhinged the color of my bedroom when i was a girl 080403
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