dallas undying symbol of strength and honor, as long as you're white. 030818
nomme there is a fee 030818
Chaos where is my dark knight when i need him so? 040107
taintedluv a knight? long ago, they were here...long ago when the goddess was who we loved. now, it is mans world 040127
taintedluv even a dark knight is a knight
~as the tears from my old soul float to The Abyss~
three words let_me_tell_you_the_truth
montenegro knight
Risen I was a knight once. I had honour. I was courteous, kind, gentle. I loved my lady. I courted her, treated her like a princess.

But I was banished from her court. Exiled to a strange land.

There is no honour here. No hope. No gentleness. In a tavern which could be any tavern I get drunk and contemplate the dragons I have slain, and the wench before me.

She is no princess, she is no Lady. She is warm and welcoming and she puts my pleasure before her own. For a moment, I forget, and that is enough.

Somewhere far away a princess weeps, and I cannot understand why.
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