re_alisma on my ipod. and trust me, it was placed there unironically and sincerely. sorrow. pathos. tragedy.

and btw, using the word "ipod" in writing is all kinds of the worst taste in language. linguistic friendliness is seriously NOT that apple computer's forte.

but what else is new in the good old U.S. of A.... insulation is a complicated bad of worms, as if that even needs to be stated.
unhinged one of my favorite pieces i've ever had to study

she named her cat gustav after gustav mahler ; he was a little fucker cat
unhinged (if i remember the facts right jeff_buckley wanted to sing these pieces at a music festival in england but ended up singing dido's_lament instead. you can youtube dido's lament to hear it. i can't remember what baroque opera that one is from, but i fell in_love with jeff_buckley all that more deeply when he ended up singing a female baroque opera aria in place of mahler *lesigh* ) 110226
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