ClairE I_love_you.

nah....! guess who originally discovered her? david_gilmour. yes, you heard me. : ) how cool is that? apparently she sent him some demo tapes to him and he was profoundly moved and impressed. yeay. : ) 011203
nah....! okay, once again, i need to correct my grammar mistake. fuckers, it's a compulsion. it should've been: ***apparently she sent him some demo tapes and he was profoundly moved and impressed.***
sorry, guys. i know no one cares. it just makes me feel better to correct myself. sorry. go ahead and bash me, even though i'll probably cry like a baby. oh_well.
User24 *bash!* 030806
yyyo ...And when the actor reaches his death, you know it's not real, he just holds his breath. He always falls too soon, too far to save himself, he'll never make the screen, he'll never make the Sweetney, or meet movie queen he's too busy hittng the vasoline... 031231
yyyo c1986 Kate Bush 031231
banga_kanga if only I could
I'd make a deal with G_d
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