notme for twenty_years i have been
dreaming a memory a scene that floats into dreams sometimes
with horses and wires
a wind rain
the shelf_life of a handful of mist

i'm by the stream and it's getting dark

i don't know where
how long i'd been there it's anyone's guess
how i got there what i was doing

and mama finding me covered in a thousand biting mosquitoes my feet
wet was i even dressed?

i remember tall grass tears being put in a bath frantic people buzzing around me they didn't know i don't know if i'll ever know what happened before what came next

when i cry there appear marks the scars i can't hide they've mostly gone away but i can still feel i can still hear
a chaotic swarm
swish of rapids
and the lullaby song of evening birds
monee sunflowers 041209
what's it to you?
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