neesh she is called _______. sheís amazing, beautiful, troubled, intelligent, envious, kind, sad, musical, logical, definitely not a scientist, but a neurologist at heart, gentle, confident, scared, upset, very funny, slightly mad, fiercely independent and defiant, very demanding and needy (does she know sheís needed too?), very possessive, and giving, a poet, an actor, a liar, a joker, a francophone and phile, a lover of magic, but not a believer, a lover of talent, but not a believer of her own. she is very talented.

anyone happen to know what name she blathes under?

loves her very very much
whisper ... 040414
eskimos friend who are you whisper? 040506
no reason i could be wrong but it seems to me that if someone's quick to introduce you it could be a sign of affection 071025
what's it to you?
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