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US, Britain in Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal as violence persists

5 minutes ago

BAGHDAD (AFP) - The US-led coalition faced mounting pressure to allow an independent_inquiry into allegations of widespread prisoner abuse in Iraq (news - web sites) as four more US troops and three Iraqis died in fresh fighting.
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........ Group Says It Has Iraq Torture Evidence

11 minutes ago

LONDON - Amnesty International said it has uncovered a "pattern of torture" of Iraqi prisoners by coalition troops, and called for an independent investigation into the claims of abuse.

The London-based human rights group said it had received "scores" of reports of ill treatment of detainees by British and American troops.
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Report on Iraqi Prison Found 'Systemic and Illegal Abuse'
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... Group Demands Probe of Iraq Prison Abuse

Tue May 4, 5:15 PM ET

GENEVA - The international Red Cross has regularly visited Iraq (news - web sites)'s Abu Ghraib prison and reported its findings to the United States, the agency said Tuesday as it demanded an investigation into alleged abuse of Iraqi prisoners by U.S. forces
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* Taguba report into Abu Ghraib abuse

The investigation by Maj Gen Antonio Taguba was completed on 3 March, the Pentagon said, but as of 4 May Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld had still not read it fully.

Gen Taguba's report says detainees were forced to commit sexual acts, were threatened with torture, rape or attack by dogs, and were hidden from Red Cross visits, "in violation of international law".
kx21 Complete text of Article 15-6 Investigation of the 800th
Military Police Brigade by Maj. Gen. Antonio M. Taguba
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