unhinged really though, i can't fucking believe no one has bothered to make this page around here.

it sounds like rainbows; a kalediscope (damnit sp) of colors sliding past your ears. i've lost that impression over repeated listenings, except for the tracks nude and all_i_need and actually most of the second disc but i don't listen to that as often


all the best parts of their other albums mashed into one
REAListic optimIST on first listen, some tracks have a certain ennui or even innocence, but upon further listens, as you seep between the cracks, you experience the melancholy and deep sadness. 080718
unhinged there is an early version of the nude track on the documentary meeting_people_is_easy

don't get any big ideas
they're not gonna happen
f what language do those people speak then? Hebrew? 160204
f Puttoo... they moved dear now look for me. 160204
what's it to you?
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