silentbob right now im on the macintosh lap top ibook thingies in the school library. it is studyhall and i am getting my mind off myself. what fun
splinken what the fuck???

your school is space-age. it is candyland. oh man. iBooks.

silentbob hehehe
oh splinken winken and nod
you are a card
silentbob the new ones are neon green. they got rid of the old ones due to some kind of vandalism. the new ones in the library make cody want to eat an apple 010418
dipperwell five years later, they are pristine white
the freshest colour of them all
bauhaus in a box
the inside of an apple
idea milk
twelve inches of curved plastic soul
flits on like a friendly child
a small whir from the slot drive
hello little one
falls asleep soundly
the muted white light glows and dims
breathing in, out
the reassuring infinitesimal clicks
on baby peg legs
death will be like
the whitening
of a dandelion.

is a geekess extraordinaire
what's it to you?
who go