cali j I couldn't imagine not feeling..I'm glad I do! 010601
Dafremen Damn skippy! Try being a 15 year old boy that desperately wants to get into some pootang. THAT'S where not feeling can be torturous. 010601
endless desire now that'd be nice 030919
no reason i_feel_nothing_and_thank_codeine 030919
little wishes i likehaving my hand down my pants. 030920
Syrope i'm tired only because i've done something with my day

i won't listen to any more whines about how tough a life someone's had so they *DESERVE* to be able to escape from feelings.

i'm calling bullshit. i wouldn't trade my feelings for any release.
shivers i couldnt for so long
im alive again
i cry
i smile
i yell
i scream
i kiss
cellardoor watch the movie EQUILIBRIUM...
youll never wish you couldnt feel again.
what's it to you?
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