typhoid timeless..
ha ha ha..
you cant stop it!
nomme more please forevermore 030912
skalix can it be? will it stay? perhapse not... I guess i shall go off into the woods today, and have a soda with yoda 040129
DeSantos nevermind forevermore
whatever it's cost
you lost
check the final score
mockingbird ain't nothing that's forevermore
(double negative?)
Farool Replaced. My place has been taken. I'm nobody anymore. Elle ne m'aime plus. 060408
Harlequin Who was it taken by? 060408
Farool Ton noveau compain. 060412
Harlequin In order to be replaced, you have to start in the space another now fills. 060418
Farool I don't know about that. I think that it's possible to be in a void. Very possible. I think that to be replaced you need to be booted, then have someone else fill the spot. 060420
Harlequin Right. But to be replaced, you have had to at point been in the spot another now fills. Were you ever there? I think the two places are very, very different. 060420
Farool This is true. 060420
what's it to you?
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