Kleh Ver ~"Consistency, in a changing world, could be perceived as change itself. Why, today I am a man standing tall. Tomorrow I may seem an elf." 021011
skippy elf berry cheese cake
flies through the air at your face

fat little teddy bear
aks you to hold him he breaks
google Your search - "bang an elf chick" - did not match any documents. 030110
Gilraen (s.h.o.t.h) "He looks.. elf-like" 030325
Rotten77 o u wanna talk elf?? i can talk elf...but I won't right now. more later 030417
Rotten77 ok yeah so i was busy that day, but lemme just say now that i honestly think legolas is the hottest guy in the world! i really think that if u looked at everyone in the world, u wouldn't b able to find anyone hotter. say what u will, but there's just no getting around the fact that he's FINE AS HELL! 030505
Gilraen (s.h.o.t.h) Fuzzy Blue Elf!! 030810
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