peta the smell of fall in the early morning,
and the feel of the cool moisture touching everything...
reaching out to me, calling me to lay on the ground and hold the beauty with my eyes
ArtificialStupidit mountain dew or citrous drop brewed into coffee makes for an entertaining time 010420
carden mountain dew...the nectar of the gods 010420
oh pee um cocaine is better. 010504
god 3 habenero peppers and glass of captain morgan spiced rum on the rocks please 020807
god habanero? 020807
birdmad dietmountaindewred 020807
GibbyPhD Simply hold me,
embrace my warmth with~in.
The dew on the roses
perfumes away any sin.
The babbling brook is our melody
and the moss soaked bank...
our bed under the magnolia tree.
As blossoms fall,
pink and soft around our bodies there,
kisses fly to a soft sweet place
and souls take flight in air.
THE DEWER do the dew 051026
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