Q Could somebody please tell me why the Equal Rights Amendment, having been introduced in every session of Congress since 1923, is not yet part of the US Constitution, why the smartest woman involved in the current US presidential contest (i.e., Prof. Bradley) is a candidate's wife and not a candidate, and why the candidates themselves may wear leather coats but their wives may not even look at one made of fur and instead must wear plastic ones? Don't oil globs have rights? Next thing you know, it will be incorrect for the First Lady to serve animal crackers as an appetizer at a state dinner for the President of the Czech Republic but okay to do so if Yo-yo Ma visits to play the cello. Political correctness is a hobgoblin of small minds, even if they are those of leftists. 000202
FortKnox Fur is far more repulsive than leather, but the idiot wives can wear leather. 040223
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