852456 I'm just one.
One of many, who like everyone else, assumes his greatness will soon be recognized, and he will rise from the mass of faceless numbers to become not just one, but SOMEone.

But it won't happen, will it? the reason we have such a large faceless mass is because everyone assumes the same thing, "I am special."

We all dream of being discovered. We dream of someone, sometime, saying "That -insert name here- sure made a huge difference, to think there was a time in which he was a nobody just like me."

Hell, that's the story we're all operating on. Take your role model, "He was a once a nobody schmo, just like you, and now, he's a role model. That's what will happen to me to." Is that so?

Or is it just the world's most famous fairy tale?
x I don't dream of that. 030110
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