auto cross reference system A place to fidget.

See prayers.
paste! let's join hands and spray paint the jumbotron. on the count of three, the power of yes. would you like fixed-rate lonas?

let's pray for more hot dogs and for the resurrection of more important hot dog people to make the future of hot dogs more hot diggity damn.

in ancient nebraska, they didn't have toilets.
Fides tonight the chapel was open.
I was heated and running without stopping. Skipping all the while, sliding my worries away. BANGING the doors and floors and whores, smearing thm like smores across the white walls. My footstops echoed in the resonating deepness of angry guitar strings. I was unstoppable and unbeatable in my dancing. I leapt and jumped to balcony heights without ceasing such violent footing. I was loud with the music and banged my head over and over releasing energy - though gaining it too after each earth-shattering cry.
what's it to you?
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