p2 see: flirting
not exactly m_chris
there are attractive people
who aren't bimbos
bimbos are people who have let themselves become/stay dumb
because others give them that option
due to their good looks
and have come to rely on said attractiveness
minnesota_chris you're right, it's a title which is given, not earned. And something you have to fight, if you don't want it to stick. Oh well, only idiots rely on first impressions/intuition/
instinct/gut reactions
mt i m an idiot 031229
Doar Bimbo me baby. 040727
pSyche Whenever I see Bimbo brand bread at the store, I can't help but laugh. 041220
Hmmmm. Wait - perhaps she's just using Socratic irony.... 061220
unhinged . 140628
what's it to you?
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