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pete I've read it 4, 5, maybe even 6 times. A great book, part of THE Great Book, the Mahbarata, which has yet to be translated, in full, to english. 040329
optical chiasma I own it but also have yet to read it; I am reading prolifically right now and am losing focus.

Always good to meet a friend Buddhinterested.
pete the gita is a hindu text :P 040330

Ramanuja's translation BG 2.12 " have always existed. It is not that 'all of us', I and you, shall cease to be 'in the future', i.e., beyond the present time; we shall always exist. Even as no doubt can be entertainted that I, the Supreme Self and Lord of all, am eternal, likewise, you (Arjuna and all others) who are embodied selves, also should be considered eternal."
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