aj lost loved 991212
allison truthful. innocent. halo held up my devil's horns. 010123
megan pretty blonde hair with hair flipped out, popular fashion with good girls at our school. wears a sleek black coat that makes her look older (especially with her tall shoes on). she dates a senior, high class, just got her lisence and a car. sparkles and jeans, party hats and pretty bubbles, her life is a paradise to those looking in. 021219
unhinged my_sister

the name comes to my lips like a curse. allison. you don't hide your discomfort well.
silentbob Why? 030718
ferret she's really annoying 030718
silentbob thank_you
for the nothing that you built for me
and the nothing that you left me with
lenore my little sister and the bane of my existence. she brings out the evil in me. 031201
what's it to you?
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