Doar just checking up on you! 040708
witchesrequiem And how am I doing? 040804
Doar :-) Hmm.....in my most unprofessional opinion.....same as you ever were. That'll be 200 smackers for the consulting fee. 040804
witchesrequiem Hahaha...Take it out of medicare! 040805
sab you remind me of a young me
in the fact that you are quick to leap on people on your assumption that they are stupid when often you dont have all the information yourself.

take it from someone who knows -
dont assume simply because you cant see the logic in something someone else has said
that there is none.

electronic_fortune_cookie number 679

, dispersing random seeds
witchesrequiem Damn it's been awhile. I can't even find most of my old shit. 070907
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