nomme and the archives speak my name
remember i_was who_i_am

i don't know if i'll ever succeed
in what i think i can
i don't know if i'll ever rise above
if i'll ever get out alive

i don't know if i can hold it together
if i can recognize
the pieces_of_me
i_don't_know if i can grapple
if i can venture
i just don't know where i_am going
i_feel i am losing
jane when i am gone
there will be nothing
to worry about
when i am gone

when i am gone
i will forget deserts
& the causeway
when i am gone

i will no longer need you
i will be far away
i will be myself
i will be there

when i am gone
you will miss me
you will wish you had never
let me go
when i am gone
nomme) i'll still be here 050704
nomme) i am still here 050704
nomme) i will still be 050704
. you'll soon be forgotten. 050704
stork daddy i may be right i may be wrong, but you're gonna miss me when i'm gone. 050704
what's it to you?
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