somebody wild freak 000417
Spete Mild squeak.


If I could just nibble at your fingers
and maybe lick your wrists.
See? Nothing drastic.
Hardly even poetry.
the void wasn't this a clerks word? 000418
Spete It sounds so lewd.
Lewwwwwwwwwwwd, even--
Licky wrists.

I love it (don't tell).

There is always too much to say,
and, saying, still sound obscure.
tourist It is the native land from which all Vagarents come. 001103
Fire&Roses Practice random acts of vagary.

...perhaps that's redundant.
its like... vague_and_evasive

(scurry, acurry)
andru235 true, it is fantasy;

do we depart
arm in arm, together?

i dreamed again...
you, as strong as man? no!
still stronger, are you!

different, are we?
am i what you are?
are you what i am?
we are different.

you are stronger still.
no man as strong as you,
again dreamed i.

together: arm in arm,
depart we do.

fantasy: is it true?
what's it to you?
who go