Kleh Ver ~

I wait.
I want you.
I want you, now.
I gave everything
I could to help you see.
I would love you forever.
I want you to want me duly.
I will give you what you could not gain.
I will not forsake you if you love me.
I will fulfill all of your deep desires.
I covet to satisfy all of your longings.
I vow all of this unless you trifle with me.

Us Hello jello mellow yellow cello playing fellow. jello...itmakesmehappy. 040116
Terrana It made me happy. Then it ate my onion. Alas, poor trifle. 040116
misstree It's nothing, dear
just a small detail
a tiny smile.
I'll forget soon enough.
what's it to you?
who go