raven competition for the government. 000825
dunstan tea leaf. blagger. light fingered.
IKC 56-80 steal my heart with careless smiles, steal my hope with cold silent denials 021125
zaxary i like to seal thins. it makes for a very interesting collection of stuff. 030414
zaxary i meant steal things 030414
devalis my inspiration stole from me
a thief come in the night
helplessness shake my unrest
this thief is in plain sight

stab the paper
bleed the ink
black and white and read
let it drip now
off the page
and maybe stain ahead

the rock won't work to crack
the skull
rock hard itself and thick
agitate this hand
to kill
and maybe it will stick

thieves must be punished
unhinged theif 100707
what's it to you?
who go