kx21 Good? Given Human... 020910
spider from mars turning winding dizzy dizzy
this is one of those one of those one of those spiral cases
my jangly thoughts spin as i tiptoe down
down to the red room, to the basement of expanding spiderwebs
where i see a plethora of spiders
from little bottles of champagne

gulp gulp.
spider from mars they ask me if i would care to join
but i slip slip slip slip slip slip slip down the very last stair
and fall and hit me head,
da spider needs an icepack spiderwebs expanding in the basement of my soul 020929
spider with string spiderwebs_expanding_in_the_basement_of_my_soul 020929
kyti ascending, going up, redemption, being saved, hot air rises, cold air falls. descends, sins, discovers the difference between good and evil. and goddamn are staircases annoying...i lived on the third floor for a year and i am rather lazy...not so fun, but my legs looked awesome... 030904
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