MollyCule is my friend 000518
MollyCule has black hair
is 5'1"
works at the mall
is capitalist scum
is a charismatic cult leader
has a live-in lover
will one day be a psychologist
wrecked her car
likes the Aquabats
has tie-dye Doc Martens
took me to Lakeside
fucked my ex boyfriend
doesn't smoke
combed the dreadlocks out of Noah's hair
eats cheesecake at Dennys
AKA Effie
owns Samuel L. Jackson
kissed L.G.
fears and respects the escalator
screwed over Ian Sherman
made snow for a year and a half
took Nick's virginity
went to the Hot-Dog Shop
fucked Doug on Halloween
's favorite insult is "poopface"
loves Fear and Loathing
got an unsuccessful perm
wants a tattoo
is scared to get a tattoo
wears glasses
is "the coolest girl on the Ohio punk scene!"
(oh wait, that's Katie bigass)
stole Josh's ID
embezzles from the tuxedp people
smells like baby powder
has a horrible sister
witchbaby i am staci. i rip it up tightly. 000521
what's it to you?
who go