amy a way to change your tune. sometimes quite gnarly - it's safer to keep them imaginary. at least that's what my pride tells me. 031128
filing cabinet hemispheres I dont think relationships are a good idea. They make life hard.
Relationships are so bright and sunny and fun that everything else starts to look quite dull and boring. Then when the relationship ends,
as the majority tend to do,
all you're left with is the unimpressive every-thing-else
which you've already grown so disillusioned with.
there's no one to tell every little thing to,
or to sit on and tickle,
or to cuddle with when you're upset.
And all of your other friends are pale in comparison. You just can't get as close to them.
You start looking for a new relationship,
a new somebody to be linked with, like withdrawal from a drug.
And you just feel so alone. It's not that you still get along with or like the person,
you just desperately miss what they used to be. Or what you used to be. What it used to be.
And then you know you can fix it by finding someone else. But if you do you know it will end eventually and you'll be in the same position. And the more you invest in relationships, the more dependent on them you become. So you know you need to just stay out of relationships and be lonesome for a while.
But that doesn't really make sense either.
Anyway, that's what i think.
leni transciense is what makes anything precious. things that last forever mean nothing. they just are. before you and beyond you ... maybe you mean something to them. it's hard to keep your heart young after it has expanded and exploded or imploded ... hard or impossible. but with exhaustion comes peace. and in peace love can be ... maybe even realer. less gloss, more meat. 060610
amy in red If one wouldn't describe it as love, it's not love.

If there is no sex involved, it's not sex.

How could either be involved? It is what it is.

It's a relationship. If animosity is invoked, friendship is probably premature and too positive a spin for it. If there is not-so-much animosity, then some sort amicable relatedness is, of course, possible. If animosity is invoked quite regularly, then the people involved are probably enemies. Having enemies only means you know how to assert yourself in relevant or important contexts. Relevant or important contexts are, by definition, related to political causes. What's your favorite political cause? (That's right. That's the one. ) Bet you potatos that's the first cause of the problem. The weak-willed and the strong-willed can show up in pretty much any arena and, if they are not careful, they can seek each other out. But in some cases, the dance happens karmically, or develops between and among people due to acquaintanceship, neglect, and gossip. The first causes of hatred in latter cases is, basically, laziness.

I'm really such the expert in why people aren't my friend. That's just rage, bitterness, and sorrow on my part. I feel it's past time to build friendship on this site we should really think about why being creative or "creative" doesn't necessarily correlate with being the best of comrades.

Much food for thought, but I don't expect all of it to be correct.
nr i've been thinking about what defines a relationship. he told me he's scared of relationships, but this could even be considered a relationship, or at least the start of one, and he's not scared of that. so when does there start to be a scary difference? is it just a case of two people saying, "we're in a relationship now! party!" that adds pressure?

relationships generally mean friendship, mutual interest and attraction, frequent communication and hangouts, sex, and commitment? i guess? but not everyone in relationships even has all those things, while sometimes people who aren't officially in relationships do have them. but in my personal experience, anything that has involved those things has naturally turned into some kind of something.

i can't wrap my head around it all, really, which makes what he said so annoyingly hard for me to understand.
what's it to you?
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