Q Which raises the question of gender. Even beyond its meaning in the context of grammar, gender is much more complicated than sex. Gender is more of a cultural and social construct than a biological one. 021127
the swinger of birches sometimes i wonder if i am a girl stuck in a boys body. i can be very bitchy. then i remember: i'm gay. 021127
pilgrim I'm a Lesbian stuck in a Man's Body. 021127
IKC 56-80 Amen, brother pilgrim 021127
misstree whenever i hear that (the "lesbian trapped in a man's body" schlep), I ask if the person is transgendered. now, I have known an honest-to-god lesbian trapped in a man's body, but a few surgeries and she was much better. 021127
in this interpersonal communications class i took some semesters back
there was
feminine communication
masculine communication
and each were marked with certain nuances of thier respective sex

according to the authorities of communication rules between humans

yah i'm a man

alas i straight up need dick

so am i gay man in a woman's body?
i've always wanted to be a drag queen
IKC 56-80 i've had days where i want to be a girl. and not just in that cliche sense of wanting to dress up. i know that crossdressing does not equal transgender.

i think puberty would be a far more interesting stage in life if we all became spontaneously (but temporarily) hermaphroditic

i think that would actually solve a lot more gender issues later in life than it seems like it would create.

highly fucking unlikely, i know, but a thought
pilgrim Amen! IKC 56-80
I Feel that Women get the Long End of the Stick when it comes to Orgasms,
The Multiple Potential astounds Me.
My Vicarious Observation of this IS what I Truly Enjoy Most about Making Love to my Wife. The Long Shuddering Escalation of Sensation to the Breaking Point, And then the Ability to Surf the Wave as it Breaks Over and Over Again.
It is only Possible for Me through Long Carefully Orchestrated Foreplay, because Once A Man Comes, Biology Steps in and Pulls the Plug on the Erection.
That's Why I Made the Statement about Being a Lesbian Stuck in a Man's Body.
I Envy A Woman's Capacity for Eccess.
Not that I Would Ever Go the Surgical Route. I Literaly Wouldn't Have the "Balls" for that.
the swinger of birches although women get the long end of the stick on orgasms and g-spots, lest we not forget that those hips were not only meant to ride but give birth, an excruciating nine hours of labor and child birth filled ripping tearing and bleeding. Likewise menstration and menopause are inevitable. men age much better than women. 021205
pilgrim Point Well Taken...
A real tradgedy in Divine Planning if You ask Me.
Our Spiecies would be better if we were more akin to Marsupials, I might think of giving birth if it could be held down to a Small Premie, I could then suckle in my pouch for the last
If it was left up to Me to Give Birth,
Then this Would Be the Last generation.
birch boy lol 021206
silentbob i don't really see where you get women as having the long end of the stick

are you saying they get the better deal?


most women don't even have orgasms during sex. men just dump their cum in them and pull out, they're done before the women can even climax and it isn't fucking fair to them.

men orgasm in their sleep.

maybe we just don't appreciate it as much.
IKC 56-80 i wouldn't go as far as to generalize like that, silentbob. the few (spell that 2) girls who have been acommodating enough to do me so far got better from me that just a quick
"pop! goes-the-weasel." i may not be too experienced but i don't need to be told in order to return the favor

seriously, just 'cause some guys in this world are selfish dicks (pun DEFINITELY intended) doesn't make us all that way

gettin back his mojo
pilgrim Righty Right IKC 56-80
I Actually Feel that a man that just goes after the Wham Bam Thank You Mam
Is Missing out on the best part of the Experience. I Am Sure that many Women Have been Laid without Gratification, But I Surely Hope that it Isn't MOST.
The Idea that Women should not Enjoy Sex is an Antiquated Holdover from a Time (Hopefully passing) When Gender Roles were Strictly tilted in the Males Favor, Women were Property, child Bearing Servants.
Being Made to Feel Guilty or Degraded if they Showed Any Enthusiasim for Intercourse. The Mind is the most Erotic Organ in the Body, and for Years Many Woman had theirs Stifled.
Though This twisted view of the world can lead to some interesting Sex play if explored with the right Partner.
cocoon Keep getting blatherskites' gender wrong. 071216
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