silvertone bird "...did a bad bad thing

/and i feel like cryin'"
lll is my cat 030402
psychobabe i love it when you call me baby..
i love it when you want more..
i love it when you run your fingers down my soft back..
i love it when you stare into my eyes..
i love it when you tell me i'm the only one..
i love it when you scream for more..
i love it when you hold me..
i love it when you fill me with desire..
i love it that i dont feel ashamed..
i love it when you put your fingers through my hair..
i love the way you make me feel..
i love the way you laugh..
i love the way you smile..
i love the way you talk
i love the way you think..

baby..all i can say is i love the way you are and make me feel beutiful
blown cherry a :) for psychobabe 030403
psychobabe *smiles* i dont know any other way to explain it 030403
o n m in one of my bad dreams last night
i had a baby and it was crying
and i went to feed it
but was stopped
"you can't"
"what are you thinking"
and it was upsetting
i felt guilty, i just wanted to feed it
i didn't want to make the baby sick
nr i dreamt last night that i needed to go to the hospital because i was in labour. i was standing on the street with my mom, my aunt, and a couple of other people, who were all about to leave. my mom said, "you need to go now!" and i said, "wait, you have to come with me; i don't want to go by myself!" and she said i needed to learn how to do this by myself as an adult. and by that she meant both the labour and the raising of a child (which didn't seem to involve a partner in the dream), both of which terrified me. and i didn't like the idea of being responsible for a child.

in the dream, i asked a girl i used to know (who oddly i was never great friends with, but i know she recently had a baby) to be honest about what it was like to give birth. she said "it'll make you feel like you're being attacked, but it's also a religious experience."
amys in red i hear the cult of Artemis was big back in the day.

(I'm actually doing a "project" or if Archangel Gabriel is with me, having a child along these lines)

(Do not fear Wonder Woman is here...)
nr i had another baby-themed dream last night. i was apparently pregnant (or thought i was but wasn't sure). i went to some kind of public place with lots of beds and specialists (but seemingly not a hospital), where i had an appointment. my best friend and her family were all with me and waiting outside.

when i walked over to the specialist, he looked at my stomach (which wasn't very big) and asked, "are you sure you're [high-ish number] months pregnant?" and i said, "i think so," and he shook his head like he didn't think so. and then it turned out i wasn't pregnant after all.

it's weird. whenever i have these dreams, i never feel happy about being pregnant or sad about not being pregnant. it's either fear, relief, or indifference.

crazy brains.
unhinged jake evans

born 8/18/16

another leo in the family
and already he is the sun in his little galaxy

thank you little one
i am once again in desperate need of
reminders of the good in the world
all i have to think of
your little arm wrapped around me
as i fed you
your little conscious
your little personality
already present
as i fed you
your little fingers grabbed my shirt
gave me a

pat pat
what's it to you?
who go