bijou park the car, listen to the music for a few more seconds. flick the cigarette, get out, lock the car. walk up the hill. flash security pass, open the door. walk down the hall. flash the security pass again. push the button. get on the elevator (or the stairs if i'm feeling lively.) ride the elevator. get out. walk to my desk. turn on my computer.

dragging my feet all the way.
nocturnal at work except for the cigarette, the hill, and the security pass, that's exactly how each and every one of my mornings start, during the summer, anyway.

especially the reluctancy.
spiffy reluctantly...

...i get out of bed sometime in the middle of the day.

...i clean the back porch where the dog slept all night.

...i leave my room when the need arises.

...i get off the internet at various times during the day when i'm told to.

...i turn off my computer.

...i go the bed when i can't keep my eyes open anymore.
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