misstree Terry Hall :
I ruse the day that I ever met you,
And deeply regret you getting close to me.
I cannot wait to deeply neglect you,
Deeply forget you, Jesus believe me
You promised me poems.
You might have been my reason for livin'
I gave up on givin', gave up everything.
We were a right pair of believers
A couple of dreamers,
So how come you hate me?
You promised me poems
You promised me poems
You promised me poems
Promised me poems

(excerpt from "Poems" on _Nearly God_ by tricky. full lyrics at /display.cgi?tricky..nearly_god..poems [remove the space. i hate messing up spacing. *sigh*])
jezabel the words are so close to outstretched tongue,
i can taste the air and sense them,
but the brilliant boquets that i claim
as my right
are denied.

a trap awaits me this weekend,
a gentleman whom i once,
long ago,
wrote a poem for.

such strange cycles cannot be ignored,
even if i know it's only bait.
misstree and all i ever got
was advertising jingles
god here' at mort's we got plenty of ducks!
come on down and poke around.
what's it to you?
who go