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PiRho I ♥love♥ that which I can control. And ♦fear♦ that which controls me.

If it were my preference I shall eat grapefruit throughout eternity, or possibly sing. The first being my second choice ☻. If my preference were asked I would reply "shall my preferences tab be visible I would ask you not to adjust the settings, as I link up to the mother ship occasionally and do not appreciate being disturbed." Oops... too late for that. I am quite disturbed as it is.

And I shall eat of thine grapefruit forever proclaimith the prophet. And shan't cease to sing until the last grapefruit be consumed... Umm... well... I guess that is much more than needed tobe blathed at this time. so I shall cease to blather until blathe I bound.


I know not what I say, I say not what I know.

○○○○○ eat grasshoppers!
freakizh tall, long hair, something like johnny depp or jonny greenwood
with addiction to guitars,
with the bless of art,
with velvet lips
and lots of chocolat.
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