Piglet my girl loves it when i do. she likes it hard i guess 030512
saz 100 pounds = a night of passion and a bottle of champagne 030512
saz maybe strawberries taste nicer when dipped into champagne 030512
Piglet dog pounds are so cruel. Do we lock up homeless or mad *people*.? Oh wait.. we do. 030512
epitome of incomprehensibility So: apparently musical pitches have to correspond to the frequency of the rhythm in some obscure mathematical way.

"The 60, 72, or 84, or 120 per minute is a BASS, or basis. It is the bottom note of the harmony."

Ezra Pound, Guide to Kulchur.

It's true pitch is composed of rhythmic beats. But why multiples of twelve? Now I'll stay awake worrying. You crazy muttervukker. I feel like swearing in fake Yiddish. Oy nachos shvibberblith.
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