deb damn!
my new ring

(that's normal though, right?)

i've had ::cough:: other things
pierced and they never itched...
what's the deal?
silentbob i used to think babies came from here. then after watching pornography i learned that sex is a man lying his good lady wife on the floor facedown and mounting her like a puppy. 010108
lost kinda the same thing with me silentbob. all the peircings i have ever had never itched. i have never had my navel done tho and dont think i ever will. it doesnt look right on a guy. 010501
hey now! my ex got his pierced to match his car
his a silly dumbfuck
hey now! hes* 020313
girl_jane BELLY BUTTONS! I love belly buttons. I wish I could collect belly buttons... 020313
what's it to you?
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