kuter Hair cut in one fuckin line along your entire head and charged with glue upwards, in spikes or whatever, throw some dye in it and youyr set. 001208
grendel liberty_spikes 001208
daanuh i dyed my boyfriends mohawk purple this morning. he liked it a little too much 001221
j_blue i lived with a girl with a mohawk fetish.

she was hecka cool.

i had a mohawk when i was in highschool.

i never styled it up though, too paranoid and anxious.
skankin Pickle I loVe A gOoD MoHaWk 020928
whome I really really really want one.

Next year.
fritz All of the best memories of my life involve mohawks and punk rock shows. 041130
punkr i get a fucking mohawk and im instantly cooler than you.. cuz fuc yea.. i got a mohawk 061007
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